Q: How often are orders shipped?


We ship once a day, Monday - Saturday, typically* around 4:30 p.m. PST each day and 2:30 on Saturday!

Q: Are exchanges/returns accepted?

A: Yes, we do allow exchanges for wrong sizes/unsatisfied buyers! The Banger Store makes exchanges extremely easy, quick, and hassle-free. Due to legal reasons, we cannot replace any product(s) that have been used. 

Shoot us an email at Support@TheBangerStore.com to begin the process of your exchange. 

Q: I received the wrong product, what do I do?

A: Which situation applies to you?


Situation #1: The mistake was our fault - we sent the wrong item(s): 

Outcome: we will send you the correct item(s) the moment we find out about the mistake. This will save you a few days of waiting because most companies will require you to send the products back before receiving the new items. Rather, we will send you the correct item(s) with a return shipping label and package. This means you will not have to pay any additional costs, or even buy packaging/shipping supplies. Simply drop the return package off at the post office, or leave it in your mailbox! 

Situation #1 turnaround time: 

Resolved the Same Day: Once you contact us, we will ship the correct item(s) immediately without any delay. You will also receive a free return label and package with the correct items. You won't pay for anything.



Situation #2: The mistake was your fault - you ordered the wrong size:

Outcome: Sometimes ordering can be tricky. If you need a different size than the one that your order shows, we will ask you to ship the incorrect size back to our return address. Once you do so, send us a photo of the tracking receipt via email or Instagram DMs. We will then ship out the correct size to you, and even cover the shipping cost to help make the situation not as expensive for you! 

Situation #2 turnaround time: 

Resolved within 1-day: Once you ship the incorrect size to us and provide us tracking details, we will send the correct size within 1 business day. If you want a quick turn around time, send the banger back to us without any delays.



Q: Are packages shipped discreetly?

A: If you would like the package to be sent 100% discreetly, with no mentions of "The Banger Store" please email us before or after placing your order. All packages are typically sent with "The Banger Store" as the name on the return address. We can remove this for you if you need!


Q: How does Sezzle payment plan work?

Pay 25% today and your package is shipped. Then pay 25% every following 2 weeks until the order is paid!

Sezzle Payments

Q: Are your quartz products American made?

A: Most of our quartz products are imported! We do have some American made quartz products, but just about any quartz banger under $100-200 will be imported, even if the company claims to say they are American made. Do your research! The Banger Store specializes in finding the highest quality imports that can pass a temperature shock test (click to view video here) This is the definitive way to test if your quartz products are truly quartz.


Rest assured that you are getting the highest quality imports possible, and the quartz is safe and reliable. We don't fool anyone. There isn't any reason why a Chinese made banger can't be the same quality as American made. Sadly, too many people who purchase from China only care about their profit margins. This leads to low-quality products and the buyer is the one losing out.

We have paired with a factory who cares about quality and affordability, and together we bring American made quality imported quartz at affordable prices!


Q: Why are American made quartz bangers so expensive?

A: This is a complicated answer that has several parts. First, quartz bangers originated in the United States. The first design implemented was by Quave. Soon after, the dabbing scene advanced at a quick rate. Though China was able to make these products similar in design, there were was a small number of manufacturers and store owners who understood the difference between high-grade quartz and low-grade quartz products. This led to China producing what was demanded by the American store owners - cheap, "quartz" bangers. By this, we mean that a large percentage of quartz bangers/nails were actually not quartz. Even to this day, we have distributors/store owners calling us after realizing the products that they used to carry weren't actually quartz.

On the other hand, the American quartz scene began flourishing from designers such as J Redd, Joel Halen, and Evan Shore. Later, companies like Puking Beagle and Eternal Quartz and other names began popping up in the scene. All of these people/companies brought something new to the dabbing community, giving credibility and justification to price a new banger at a higher and higher price point. These prices are reasonable because they are the often times the original designers in their own ways. Imported quartz from China has often not been original, leading to an overall lower price point from China quartz manufacturers. Depending on the factory, the outcome of the quartz banger can be of very similar quality, lacking in smaller cosmetic details (but a fraction of the cost). The quality of the quartz between American and overseas suppliers can easily be identical if both the factory and the store (such as ourselves) care about quality!

Secondly, there is a matter of limitation and hype around American made bangers more so than imported bangers. Because these American quartz manufactures are focused on the highest level of precision, and often limited in team size, the output that is produced is much lower than a factory overseas. This leads to a shortage of supply, causing prices to skyrocket. If you remember, Puking Beagle Thermal P quartz bangers used to retail for around $200-250, and would resale at times for $450 because of limited production, and high demand.

Q: Does a 30mm bubble cap fit on a 25mm flat top?

A: Depends on the artist, please call or email with any questions.

Q: Does a 25mm bubble cap fit on a 30mm flat top?

A: Depends on the artist, please call or email with any questions.