217_Glass - Illinois

Fantastic wig wag artist that has made thousands of bubble caps. He has perfected his style and is our number 1 most recommended artist for bubble caps!

Pfm_Glass - Washington

Located in Vancouver, Washington, this artist has blessed our store with his double jet carb cap design. This is a great style for spinning quartz balls and your concentrate!

NuzzyGlass - Washington

Located in Wenatchee, Washington, nuzzyglass slays it will crushed opal tubing in just about any color you can imagine. Crushed opal is a difficult material to work with, and he does it very well!

Coteglass - Airzona

Although coteglass' work is very limited, he spends extra time to ensure that the quality is far better than most. If you're lucky enough to get a coteglass cap, you'll know how lucky you are!

Who's next?

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