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Can't decide? Take a look at all the different styles and artists we support. American made caps will have a better seal and overall build quality over imported caps!

Quartz Ball Spinner Caps

View all of our caps that will spin our quartz balls hands free! 

Wig Wag Caps

"Wig Wag" is a technique sometimes called a reversal. The glass artist must do a few "switchbacks" which create the back and forth motion that creates the wig wag motion with the colored tubing! 

Crushed Opal Caps

This difficult technique requires the artist to "sleeve" their desired color with a tubing of crushed opal. This will result with whatever color they used to become infused with bits of crushed opal!
This creates an extra bling effect to the eye!

Flat Carb Caps

Although we stock primarily bubble caps, these flat style carb caps are great for those who like to use slanted cut bangers (not flat tops), but they work great on just about any quartz banger!

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These are for those on a budget or for those who want a cap for their friends to use, instead of their expensive caps!