Quartz Ball Terp Pearl

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- Increased Surface Area Coverage -- When using a quartz ball, your concentrate will be spun around your quartz banger much more. This leads to the oil running to the warmer parts of the quartz banger, resulting in more vapor! 

- Increased Heat Retention -- Put this extra sphere of quartz inside of your banger while heating it up, to allow it to gather heat. Because it is quartz, the terp pearl will retain this heat to give you overall better heat retention! 

- 100% Quartz Terp Pearl -- You will not need to worry about the safety of the surface your oils are being vaporized on. Quartz is 100% thermal shock resistant, meaning if you accidentally spill water onto the quartz, it won't crack/explode!

- Perfectly Round -- When purchasing balls from others, there is a high chance that they are not sourcing their quartz balls from a facility that has been making them for years and years. We are working with a factory familiar with making perfect spheres, which is important so it will spin evenly inside your quartz banger!

- 6mm Sphere -- This is important because if the quartz terp pearl is too large, it will not spin easily, and will take a lot of airflow to move the ball. Too small, the quartz ball will only spin oil on the outer rim, since it isn't wide enough to move the oil in the center. This will mean the quartz ball isn't really doing anything. 6mm Ensures that the ball will cover large amount of surface area, while still able to be moved easily! 

- Long Lasting -- Because the quartz ball's surface area isn't vaporizing oil itself, but rather spinning the oil to the parts of the quartz banger that is hotter, you can use the quartz balls for basically as long as you can keep track of it and not lose it!


- Easily Lost -- The quartz ball is quite small and can be very hard to find if dropped!

- "Hot Potato" -- If the quartz ball is dropped or flung out of the quartz banger while q-tipping, the quartz ball will still be hot and this can lead to a hot potato situation. 

-Doesn't Fit In Core Reactor -- Due to the core reactor's natural shape, these quartz balls will not fit inside the core reactor.

-Doesn't Spin Hands Free With All Caps -- **Will not spin hands free automatically with any cap, you'll need a specially made one! Check out our section of caps that will spin these quartz balls hands free, by clicking here! The quartz balls are still great to use with any cap because you can spin more oil around, compared to your directional carb cap without a quartz ball!


Quality Trait Quartz Terp Pearls Borosilicate Terp Pearls

Crack Resistant

Warp Resistant

Proper Flavor

Best Heat Retention

Long Lasting

Increases Surface Area

Moves Oil Around