14mm Nectar Collector Quartz Tips (2) Pack

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14mm Nectar Collector Quartz Tips (2) Pack - The Banger Store


- 2 - 100% fully quartz replacement tips

- 2 - replacement plastic "keck" pieces 


Nectar collectors are great for dabbing on the go. Travel convenience, as well as quick ease of use, is the best reason to use a nectar collector. 

Why are quartz nectar collector tips better than titanium?

Quartz is a superior dabbing material compared to titanium due to the increased heat retention and lower vaporization point to produce the same amount of smoke. This means that these quartz nectar collector tips can be heated to a lower temperature, resulting in increased flavor and vapor production. Taking your dab at a lower temperature also reduces the harshness/burning feeling you may feel. Overall, these quartz tips are better than titanium but can break, unlike titanium. That is why we worked hard to get a great price for 100% quartz.  

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