6mm Ruby Terp Pearl

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6mm Ruby Terp Pearl - The Banger Store
(Container for picture purpose: each terp pearl purchased will ship in an individual bag)
You are purchasing one terp pearl for $4.99, the image of multiple pearls is to highlight the size and as well show off the UV reactive feature. 


Ruby terp pearls are great for low temp dabs. The vaporization temperature of ruby is lower, allowing you to take lower temp dabs.

The drawback of ruby terp pearls is the time and effort to maintain them. They will require more maintenance and need to be replaced more often compared to quartz terp pearls. Learn more about ruby pearls by reading our blog.

Care Instructions:

We suggest never to heat your ruby pearl directly inside of your banger. Place it inside of your banger after it has been heated. Wipe your quartz banger with a dry cotton swab to briefly clean the pearl. Remove it, wait for it to cool, and place it in 91% or stronger rubbing alcohol to soak and clean until your next use (make sure it is dry before using).


If you do not follow these instructions, you can cause thermal shock to occur quicker, resulting in your ruby pearl breaking from stress. We are not able to replace broken ruby terp pearls because they will break naturally from stress, but you can prolong the life with these tips. If you want terp pearls that will not break, please view our quartz terp pearls which are thermal shock resistant.