• Beveled Edge - 30Mm Round Bottom Flat Top Quartz Banger 10Mm Male 90° / No Add On Items +($0.00)
  • Beveled Edge - 30Mm Round Bottom Flat Top Quartz Banger
  • Beveled Edge - 30Mm Round Bottom Flat Top Quartz Banger 10Mm Male 90° / (1) Ball +($4.49)
  • Beveled Edge - 30Mm Round Bottom Flat Top Quartz Banger 10Mm Male 90° / (1) Insert +($3.99)
  • Beveled Edge - 30Mm Round Bottom Flat Top Quartz Banger 10Mm Male 90° / (1) Opal Encased Ball

Beveled Edge - 30mm Round Bottom Flat Top Quartz Banger


What Makes the Beveled Edge better?



This new feature helps seal the connection between your banger and your cap. The beveled edge creates a natural curve for your cap to sit more flush on the banger.

The reason this is important is because the better connection you have, the more pressure that is inside the banger.

When there is more pressure, you can take a dab at a lower temp!

(Notice how once you put your cap on, there is more smoke than before? What is happening is the cap is lowering the pressure inside the banger!) 

At the end of the day, this banger will allow you to take lower temp dabs but still receive the same amount of vapor. 




-Round Bottom Banger: This round bottom banger encourages simplicity and easy functionality. With a long heat retention, you can use this 30mm for longer use!  -Easy to Clean: Because the bottom of the banger doesn't have corners for concentrate to build up and hide, this banger is much easier to clean. If done right, it will last longer than a flat bottom banger. -3mm Thick Walls: Can retain heat for longer, to allow for bigger dabs at the same temperature as before.




-3mm Thick Walls: There is more quartz to heat up. With 3mm thick walls, some carb caps will not fit (see below). Bubble caps will be ok, but styles of caps with this extra "lip" of glass may not fit. -Round Bottom Insert: Compared to a flat bottom insert, a round bottom insert could have more gaps in between the wall of the banger and the insert, since it's difficult to make both perfectly round. The combo will still work, though you may need to reduce the amount of time you wait to drop the insert inside the bucket!   




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