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Free Gift


We love our customers.
To show our appreciation, every order over $20 will receive a free gift! 


Frequently Asked Questions

 Q: How do I receive the free gift?

A: Add any product(s) over $20 to your cart and the free gift will automatically be added to your cart. If a free gift isn't automatically added, call/email/direct message us, and we will make sure you get your gift! Make sure the item that you add to your cart is over $20 in value.

Q: What is the free gift?

A: The free gift will be specific to what you order. We will pair the best free gift by using your order history and products purchased to determine the gift.

 Q: Can I receive multiple gifts?

A: Depending on your order, yes you can receive multiple gifts. The larger your order is, the better chance you have at receiving multiple gifts.

Q: What if I remove everything in my cart other than the free gift?

A: Our system doesn't automatically remove the free gift when you remove something from your cart. If you try to make a purchase of a single free gift, or multiple free gifts, we will cancel your order and refund you for the shipping cost.