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  • Chip Stack Beaker - Calightoscope Glass - The Banger Store
  • Chip Stack Beaker - Calightoscope Glass - The Banger Store
  • Chip Stack Beaker - Calightoscope Glass - The Banger Store
  • Chip Stack Beaker - Calightoscope Glass - The Banger Store
The Banger Store

Chip Stack Beaker - Calightoscope Glass


(Intended for tobacco use only) 


-Perc: Features a 2 hole perc that shreds hard.

-Chip Stack Technique: The pattern you see is created by first attaching sticks of color rods together. Once attached, the section of glass needs to be flattened and shaped to a solid rectangle, for equal thickness and consistency. The artist then needs to physically cut the section of glass into equal sized "chips". These then are placed into a pattern and carefully attached one by one using the flame. The section then is a flat rectangle, but the alternating chip pattern is evident. The final step of the chip stack prep work is to shape it into the forms that you see it on the piece, to be attached to the clear beaker to fully craft the rig. An opal is attached on the back for aesthetic purposes. 

-Cost Effective: This is a hand made, hand-spun piece of art that was created in Georgia, USA, by solo artist - Calightoscope_Glass. You are purchasing an American made rig with attention to detail and great function guaranteed. If you are unhappy, call us immediately and we will solve any issues.

-Banger Included: Select from an option below. 

-Joint Size: Requires a 14mm male 90 banger. One is included with your purchase. 



-1 Chip Stack Rig by Calightoscope_Glass

-Free Banger of your choice from select options

-Free Shipping!

-Free Gift included!

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High Quality Quartz Bangers

The Banger Store cares about providing high quality bangers at an affordable price. In addition, we have a great selection of American made bubble caps and rigs to choose from. Our team cares about the products that you receive, meaning that we work hard to find the best quality at an affordable price. We also make sure to ship every single day, to get your package delivered as soon as possible.

Our Quartz is Thermal Shock Resistant!


The true way to test for quartz purity is to heat the banger nearly red hot, and place it under water. 


Quartz is a material that is not affected by thermal shock (changing temperatures quickly).   


To ensure the quality of quartz, we test random banger samples from each batch. 

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